Self-Love & Consciousness
Human beings have been weathering the storms of everyday life since the beginning of their incarnation. There has been no generation that has escaped war whether on open fields, in their homes or inside their hearts.

Why do we not embrace the privilege of life? Why do we hate and despise one another? The answer is simple, because we have no concept of self-love or inner bonding.

"We are grand creations with God given miracles that will help us accomplish even the most impossible tasks in life. We can become the MASTERS of our own lives when we accept our proper identity of God in form and act in accordance to the truth" says Maureen Moss, who has been a catalyst for humanity's shift
from human nature to Divine nature.

The profundity of loving thyself, honoring thyself, and knowing thyself:

From a very early age, we start to forsake ourselves for the good of others, often neglecting our own dreams and aspirations. And as time passes, we completely forget who we really are, becoming incapable of self-love. The truth is we can acquire pure abundance in every area of our life, simply by the great acts of loving and knowing ourselves. By feeling infinite self-love and awareness we birth a new world and become masters of our lives.

But how do we shift from our restrictive thought process to attract more abundance?

Our minds are conditioned to remain mortally skewed, unenlightened, scattered, and limited. Fortunately, it is possible to transform a conditioned mind into an unconditioned one. This is known as the law of reversibility, whereby we introduce a new psychological state into our subconscious, over a period of time.

Choose any state or idea you wish to attain, then feel and imagine it over a certain period of time into your subconscious mind. If you remain diligent, you will start to manifest new opportunities at every turn. You will make sustainable spiritual and psychological adjustment. You will find the way to feel divine, regain your dignity, your power and your freedom.

But remember, course correcting your conscious requires you to stay in the present. Feel fully. Look carefully. Be present. Everything you need is here in this moment. By being aware of your current awareness you will return to a state that is eternally peaceful and helps you co-exist with others.

Treating the mind, body and spirit through Integrative Medicine:

It is not easy to transform your entire belief-system without a mentor. For that matter, Dr. Sandra Kamiak and her panel of experts have been helping people heal holistically through integrative medicine. She encourages her patients to follow the likes of Maureen Moss, a motivational speaker who endorses the concept of 'divine within every human' and offers assistance in helping her disciples move towards infinite abundance.

The truth is all human beings have the power to love, accept and honor. Through meditation, guided visualization and a little encouragement, they can recognize the love they hold for themselves and unlearn the behavior of not honoring and loving their self. With proper guidance and advice they are capable of accepting their identity as God in form and realize that they are meant to be loved, honored and known just as the divine power.

When they learn their true worth, darkness no longer consumes them.

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